Chairman’s Message

Eco-Friendly homes to preserve our nature for the generations to come! I have introduced “Modern Nalukettu” with all the modern amenities a new RCC building can offer. “Nalukettu” is a concept where nature and the art of construction are synchronized together. Based on this old, but relevant principles,. It is all about healthy living in a pleasant atmostphere and letting our children be friendly with the nature. Like the eminent English Poet, John Keats said ”Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced”. We provide our clients an opportunity to experience. As a chairman, I won’t prefer a person to take a quick decision to make a “Modern Nalukettu.” in real, the life in a Nalukettu. Before taking a decision, you have to make a detailed study about the “concept of Nalukettu.”. “It takes Hands to build a house, but only Hearts can build a Home.” This is absolutely true, no matter whatever house you own, unless and until you have a healthy relationship under the roof, the construction is worthless. we will be there with you from designing till the handling over the key. we value our clients inputs to accomplish your dream home. Our constructions are purely based on vastu principles.”Modern Nalukettu” always emphasises on the “Go Green Concept” which is essential in this polluted environment. We will conduct Air-Flow study, once you have finalized your location, and according to the location and the climatic condition, we will make necessary changes in our design and plan. .

About Chairman

Valluvanad Constructions was founded in the year1988 by Mr.Mohan Warrier, a diploma holder in Civil Engineering. His relationship with Nalukettu started from his childhood while living in his tharavadu, Kolathur Varium-an Ettukettu Malika. With his proficent knowledge in Kerala’s architecture and Vasthu vidya (learned under the guidance of renowned scholar Late Kanipayur Krishnan Namboodiripad), he set a revolution in the industry by introducing a new concept of “Modern Nalukettu Houses”, sustainable in all climatic conditions. He is one the directors of GIA (Global Institute of Architecture), at Pathripala, Palghat.

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Mr.Mohan Warrier

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